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Carefully designed to impact all areas for a restorative sleep: faster conciliation, longer and deeper sleep. Restful nights: anxiety relieve, body and mind calming for a refreshed awakening. Evidence based support with selected quality ingredients.

This is a natural night supplement that impacts in all processes of sleeping well. It reduces the time to fall asleep, improves quality and duration of sleep. The complex formula works in all aspects of sleep to provide a restorative night sleep, allowing for refreshed mornings. The combination of bioavailable natural substances help in the process and remain of deep sleep, without secondary effects nor generating addiction. Works best after 2 weeks of uninterrupted intake.

Melatonin helps induce sleep, being a hormone naturally produced by your body. Magnesium supports the well functioning of biochemical reactions, providing multiple benefits. Ashwagandha Sensoril® reduces the anxiety and the levels of cortisol. Valerian root induces a relaxing state, sedative without debilitating. GABA is a neurotransmitter that reduces the brain activity, providing equilibrium as well as, stress and pain reduction. 5-HTP is a natural amino acid that is precursor to Serotonin supporting the sleeping function. 



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Ashwagandha Sensoril®

120mg per capsule

Ashwagandha is a wonder adaptogenic herb. It has been used by Ayurvedic medicine for more than 3.000 years, mainly to relieve stress, increase energy levels, and improve concentration and memory. The beneficial effects are clearly patent after at least 2 weeks of usage.

Its botanical name is Withania somnifera, and many of its health benefits are attributed to its high concentration of withanolides. The Sensoril® Ashwagandha is a registered extract that has the highest withanolides concentration >10%. It has been proven to decrease the overall daily stress response by 62.2%, increasing body and mind resistance without secondary stimulant effects.

In some studies, the Sensoril® Ashwagandha extract was proven to reduce by 15% cortisol levels (the stress associated hormone) and to provide anti-inflammatory effects, reducing an inflammatory indicator, CRP (C reactive protein), by 36% after 60 days of usage.

Several studies have also shown that Ashwagandha can reduce sugar levels, including in Diabetes patients. Other Ashwagandha studies show that it can avoid the growth of tumoral cells and induce their death. A few studies also suggest Ashwagandha may help alleviate depression. Ashwagandha has also been found to increase body defenses against pathologies, revitalizing the body in weakness condition.

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100mg per capsule

GABA, y-aminobutyric acid, is a neurotransmitter and the main inhibitor of our central nervous system. It is considered a natural painkiller, it helps reduce excitement levels and it supports the achievement of the necessary relaxation to fall asleep.   


In this way, GABA fights insomnia by blocking the nervous excitement transmission in moments of anxiety or nervousness. Furthermore, it reduces stress and its effects, lowering the feeling of worry. GABA’s main function is to reduce the physiological stress, reducing sympathetic activation and producing a natural sedation effect. 


GABA is a necessary and common neurotransmitter, 30-40% of our neurons use GABA, when there is a deficit, psychological disorders, such as anxiety, and also insomnia, may occur. Although the detailed effects of GABA are still under investigation, there are studies showing that GABA is effective reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation. A recent study demonstrated that the combination of GABA and 5-HTP improves the quality of sleep and increases the duration of sleep.


Factors that can cause a GABA deficit may be, an imbalanced diet, stressful situations, some food intolerances, lack of sleep, microbiota instability or caffeine excess. 


GABA is also present in other of your body processes such are vision and promoting muscular tone.

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51mg per capsule

5-HTP, 5-hydroxytryptophan, is a chemical byproduct of the Tryptophan protein. 5-HTP is essential in the generation of hormones and neurotransmitters related to our emotional balance.

5-HTP impacts on the central nervous system promoting the production of serotonin (a chemical hormone and neurotransmitter). Serotonin regulates sleep and has a great influence on mood, pain, sexuality and appetite. Since 5-HTP increases serotonin synthesis, it is used to treat various conditions in which serotonin plays an important role, including insomnia, depression, and obesity, among others.


Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our body cannot produce so we must provide it through food. 5-HTP, as a by-product of tryptophan, is a precursor of Serotonin. Serotonin is very important for our wellbeing, and it cannot be administered directly because the blood-brain barrier would not allow it through from the bloodstream to the central nervous system. That’s why it is convenient to provide the body with 5-HTP, in moments of need so that your body can produce serotonin.


A recent study has shown that the combination of GABA and 5-HTP improves the quality of sleep and increases the duration and time of sleep. Likewise, the extra contribution of 5-HTP avoids starting this compensatory mechanism of anxiety, helping to regulate excessive food intake and consequently to lose weight.

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56.25mg per capsule

Magnesium is an essential mineral that contributes to your deep and restful sleep. Magnesium supports the production of healthy levels of GABA, a sleep promoter neurotransmitter. Magnesium supplements have proven to improve sleep quality, especially for people with poor sleep.


Low levels of Magnesium may provoke restless sleep with frequent awakenings at night.Magnesium supports the deep sleep process and also can help those suffering from restless leg syndrome. Magnesium deficiency can be associated with increased stress and anxiety, and has proven effective in relieving mild to moderate depression symptoms, as well as some headaches and lower back pain. 


Magnesium reduces our nervous system excitability, keeping an appropriate balance in many of its functions. Studies conducted in older adults, show that patients receiving magnesium supplementation, significantly increased their daily physical activity levels, showing a decrease in tiredness during the day with less daytime sleepiness. Furthermore, they improved their sleep pattern.


An optimal magnesium level protects your metabolic health, stabilizes your mood, keeps stress levels in check, improves sleep quality, and contributes to heart and bone health. Few elements in your diet have as many effects on your body.

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1mg per capsule

Melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is known as the sleep hormone, regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Your body produces melatonin mainly in the Pineal gland, buy also in many other organs, that’s why it is not a hormone in the strict sense. When melatonin levels are high, your asleep feeling increases.

Melatonin production increases with decreasing light and it is closely related to the circadian rhythm. Maximum production on melatonin is 1.5hours after starting to sleep, helping induce deep sleep. Therefore, melatonin works re-synchronizing circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycle.    

Melatonin production decreases with age, reaching its maximum at 8-10 years old, decreasing abruptly at puberty and after 40-45 years old gradually. Light is the main melatonin regulator and inhibitor. We recommend avoiding exposure, particularly to blue light, about 2 hours before bed time. 

In addition to its sleep effects, melatonin is a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It works by neutralizing free radicals. Melatonin also contributes as an immunostimulant, counteracting cortisol effects and stimulating lymphocytes production.


Valerian root

125mg per capsule

Valeriana officinalis, commonly called Valerian root, is a floral plant, from Europe and Asia, that is used for medicinal reasons for thousands of years. Several studies have shown that it helps reduce the time to fall asleep and supports a better, higher quality sleep. The essential oils extracted from the root is used for its sedative and relaxing effects. Valerian root is most effective after two weeks of continued use.


Valerian root, thanks to the Valerenic acid that generates GABA in our brain, as well as hesperidin and linarin, reduces agitation and nervousness, promotes relaxation and facilitates sleep induction and improves its quality. Therefore, Valerian root is used to regulate sleep cycles. Furthermore, the use of Valerian increases depth of sleep. Valerian root increases serotonin production, generating antidepressant and relaxing effects.


Valerian root is also used to alleviate menopausal symptoms, smooth premenstrual syndrome, decrease anxiety and to alleviate withdrawal symptoms (from quitting smoking for example).


Valerian root is contraindicated if you are taking antidepressants, sedatives or antiepileptics as it can enhance its effects on the central nervous system. It should also not be used, unless the doctor indicates otherwise, in cases of pregnancy and lactation.

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